Ina Chuchu Media LTD

Bombay Bazaar Building,3rd Floor,Mlandege-Zanzibar.
P.O.Box 691,  Tel: 0777411125 / 0777411178.  E-mail:  [email protected]

Call Studio Live on
0773 909 909   or   0777 409 909

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About Us..

Chuchu FM Radio is designed to develop to the listeners an appreciation of the uniqueness, wealth and diversity of educational and entertainment programs based on social, economic, political and cultural topics from Tanzania and other parts of the world ....            Continue reading

Inachuchu Media Ltd.

P.O.Box 691, Bombay Bazaar,

Mlandege, Zanzibar.


 [email protected]

Mob:        +255(0)777-411-178 

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